The Recertification is designed for CDM Alumni who wish to renew their expired or soon-to-expire certification, particularly those who previously received certification for the Digital Marketing Fundamentals Program, E-Commerce Program, Social Media Program, and Digital Media Planning Program, regardless if they attended a face-to-face program.

Recertification is currently available only for CDM students whose expired/expiring certification was issued through one of the following 2019 program batches.
Eligible students may only take recertification exams for the same program their original certification was issued for. Refer to this guide on available recertifications.

Program Taken Batch Qualified Recertification Available
Digital Marketing Fundamentals Program Batch 34 (Feb 2019)
Batch 35 (Mar 2019)
Batch 36 (May 2019)
Batch 37 (Jun 2019)
Digital Marketing Fundamentals Recertification
E-Commerce Program Batch 1 (Feb 2019)
Batch 2 (Apr 2019)
Batch 3 (Jun 2019)
E-Commerce Recertification
Social Media Program Batch 1 (Feb 2019)
Batch 2 (Apr 2019)
Batch 3 (Jun 2019)
Social Media Recertification
Digital Media Planning Program Batch 1 (Mar 2019)
Batch 2 (May 2019)
Digital Media Planning Recertification


CDM Recertification ensures your skills and knowledge are up-to-date and industry-vetted. Recertification demonstrates your commitment to staying current in the specialty field you applied to recertify. Your recertification will have a validity period of two (2) years from the date it is issued.

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Book online latest by Jun 21, 2021!

  1. The recertification is open to all 2019 qualified CDM Certified Students. Please refer to the Eligibility table for reference on qualified batches per program.
  2. Each recertification exam consists of 80-items.
  3. The passing grade rate is 75%.
  4. The recertification exam will be available for 72 hours in the Student Learning Portal from the launch date and time of the selected Recertification Exam Schedule.
  5. The topic coverage for each recertification exam is as published in the Exam Coverage below.
  6. Upon successful checkout and payment, you will receive an email containing an exam guide along with details and instructions about the recertification exam.
  7. Once the recertification exam is started, you will be given 3 hours to complete and submit the exam.
  8. One (1) attempt is allowed per recertification exam for each student.
  9. Students who are unable to meet the passing grade rate are allowed to re-enroll for recertification only at least six (6) months after the first exam attempt. Subsequent enrollments for recertification after two (2) failed attempts will not be accommodated to protect the integrity of the recertification exams.
  10. Reschedule Policy:
    If with prior notice (anytime before exam launch), the student will be automatically rescheduled to the next batch. If the student misses the next batch, the recertification enrollment will be automatically forfeited.
    If without prior notice (anytime before exam launch), the student can submit a request to reschedule via email to community@elearningedge.net. The request will be subject for approval.


  • The Marketing Funnel
  • The Roles of Digital
  • Consumer Insightning
  • Content Strategy
  • Platform Strategy
  • Measurement & Analytics


  • E-Commerce Fundamentals
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • E-Commerce Operations
  • E-Commerce Growth


  • Social Media Landscape
  • Social Media Strategy Creation
  • Insighting on Social
  • Setting Goals on Social Media
  • Consumer Journey Mapping on Social
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Platform Strategy
  • Social Media Analytics


  • Digital Media Planning
  • Facebook
  • Google

Regular Rate: ₱3,000 + VAT

Enrollment Deadline for Batch 1: Jun 21, 2021

Rate Inclusions

  • 80-item recertification exam reviewed by leading experts to ensure content is up-to-date ​
  • 72-hour period of availability to take the exam once it is launched in the Student Learning Portal ​
  • 3-hour time limit to complete and submit the exam once started ​
  • 1 recertification exam attempt
  • 1 digital copy of your CDM Certification is granted after passing the recertification exam
  • 2-year validity period for the CDM Certification from the date the certificate is issued. The certification will be issued 3 working days after taking and passing the exam.


We accept payments in USD and PHP. Please choose your preferred currency by selecting either at the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page. You could also access the currency options through the pop-up menu on the right side of the page. Just slide your cursor to the right and the currency options will appear.

Displayed rates are converted based on an estimated exchange rate. The final amounts may differ. Local 12% VAT will apply.

Payment Methods: 
We accept payments through the following methods:

  • Credit Cards* via PayPal
  • Debit Cards via PayPal
  • Bank transfer through Unionbank or BDO**

*Except for American Express

**Not available for payments made in USD.


  • BATCH 1: Jun 25, 26, 27 (Fri-Sun) – Open for enrollments until Jun 21, 2021, only!
  • BATCH 2: Sep 24, 25, 26 (Fri-Sun)
  • BATCH 3: Dec 17, 18, 19 (Fri-Sun)


  • 15:00 Philippine Time (PHT) (UTC +8)
  • 15:00 Singapore Time (SST) (UTC +8)
  • 14:00 Indonesia Time (WIB) (UTC +7)
  • 14:00 Vietnam Time (ICT) (UTC +7)
  • 13:30 Myanmar Time (MMT) (UTC +6:30)

*The recertification exam will be available for 72 hours from the launch date and time.

A CDM Certification is the Philippines’ only trusted digital professional certification recognized by the industry. It is an assurance of credibility, integrity, and the highest standard of digital education. Recognized by a network led by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) and the 500+ members of CDM’s Subject Matter Experts, industry partner associations, top corporations, and local & international advisory board members, it is a formal documentation that demonstrates proficiency and competency in digital.

Your CDM Certification and education will allow you to network with like-minded professionals.

Should you wish to earn a CDM Certificate, you are required to complete a CDM Digital Training program, take, and pass the Certification Exam. An additional fee applies when you select the CDM Certification Program. However, if you prefer not to take the Certification Exam, you could opt for just a Certificate of Participation that will be given as proof of class attendance.

Who can take and enroll for Recertification?
The Recertification can be taken by any 2019 CDM student who passed the certification exam for the programs with available recertification. Check if you are can enroll for recertification today from the Recertification Eligibility Guide listed on this page.

I attended a CDM Program of a later batch that is currently not listed, can I apply for recertification?
The batches currently open for enrollment are for students with expiring certifications within the next 3 months. We will send you an email notification when it will be the best time for you to get recertified.

Are there other programs I can apply for recertification?
Currently, the only recertifications available are for Digital Marketing Fundamentals, E-Commerce, Social Media, and Digital Media Planning.

Why is there an Enrollment Deadline?
The enrollment deadline is set to give you enough time to complete your payment and secure your enrollment before the recertification exam launch. This also assures you to have ample time to review the exam guide that we will be providing to help you take the recertification exam.

How do I enroll for recertification?

  1. Choose your Recertification
    Select the Recertification you are eligible for that will bring you that needed leverage in your career. Then, select the Recertification Exam Schedule of your choice and click “ADD TO CART.”
  2. Payment and Confirmation
    Once your payment has been successfully processed, you will receive an email within 24 hours of your recertification enrollment submission containing exam details and instructions.
  3. Recertification Exam
    Prepare for the exam with the exam coverage provided. Make sure to take the exam on your prescribed schedule. When you get to complete and pass the exam, you will be sent a copy of your certification once it is made available.

What happens if I am unable to take the recertification exam during the prescribed schedule?

If with prior notice sent to our Team (anytime before exam launch), you will be automatically rescheduled to the next batch. If you miss the next batch, the recertification enrollment will be automatically forfeited.
If no prior notice is sent to our Team, you can submit a request to reschedule via email to community@elearningedge.net. The request will be subject to approval.

Where can I access the recertification exam?
The certification exam is made available online and will be taken within the CDP|CDM Learning Portal (www.lms.certifieddigitalmarketer.com).

How long can I take the exam?
Participants will be given three (3) hours to complete the exam before it automatically closes.

What is the passing rate? How do I pass the exam?
To pass the certification exam, participants should receive a score of at least 75% or 60 correct answers.

Can I retake the exam if I fail?
A Recertification enrollment only allows one (1) exam attempt for each student within the given exam period.

If the cut-off grade or passing rate was unsuccessfully met, he or she is allowed to re-enroll for recertification after at least six (6) months since his/her last exam attempt. Subsequent attempts to re-enroll will not be accommodated to preserve the integrity of the certification exam.

When do I receive my certificate?
If you pass the recertification exam, you will receive your certification after 3 working days from the date you took the exam. This will be emailed to you by community@elearningedge.net.

How long will the certification be valid?
The certificate you will earn after passing the recertification exam will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue as indicated on the certificate.


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