In this 3-half-day expert-led, live online class, you will learn how to navigate the ever-changing world of social media marketing. Deep-dive into the different social media platforms, maximize your campaign through influencer and community marketing, and learn crisis management. Elevate your mindset to bring your social media marketing strategy from brand awareness to conversion and advocacy.

 SCHEDULE: Jul 20, 27, Aug 3

 DURATION: 13:00-18:00 GMT+8

 FORMAT: 100% Live & Online

By the end of the 3-half-day online program, you shall be able to create a social media strategy and plan. Get knowledge on how to build a playbook and content strategy for your business.


  • Those who want to kickstart their career doing digital marketing functions.
  • Professionals who want to upgrade their social media marketing skill sets.
  • Marketing Managers, Content Creators, PR Specialists, & Digital Marketers.

For those who will enroll in the With CDM Certification option, you can earn a CDM Certificate after finishing the program and passing the qualifying exam. All program attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Start or accelerate your career in digital marketing! This program is part of the CDM Social Media Marketer Track.

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If the industry is changing, we are adapting with it.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we at CDM always strive to deliver the best learning experiences to our students that will help them #BeMore, impact their careers, and deliver a positive ROI for their organizations.


Focus on Strategic Thinking

We teach concepts, theories, and frameworks as a base for strategic thinking that allows professionals to dynamically adapt strategies rather than relying on cookie-cutter best practices.

Bite-sized Learning Format

Students can enjoy shorter learning sessions for CDM certification programs. Our online classes are now more spread out for a lighter CDM experience.

70-30 Program Structure

We optimized our curriculum to strike a balance between theory (30%) and practice (70%) and feature more individual and collaborative activities for a richer learning experience.

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    Program details


    • Goal Setting
      • Elements of a Social Media Plan
      • Identifying and Prioritizing Marketing Objectives
        • 8 Marketing Challenges Social Media Can Address
      • Market Research: Know Your Audience
        • Insighting Frameworks
        • Market Research Techniques
        • Social Media Listening Tools
        • Buyer Persona
        • Conversion Funnel
        • Customer Journey Map
      • Market Research: Know Your Brand and Competitors
        • Brand Audit
        • Competitor Analysis
      • Identifying Social Media Communications Objectives
        • 9 Communications Goals of Social Media
    • Social Media Analytics and Campaign Metrics
      • Measuring Success: Prioritizing Metrics
        • Primary: Lag Metrics (Marketing Objectives)
        • Secondary: Lead Metrics (Social Media Analytics)
      • Social Media Analytics
        • Explain Each Important Metric
        • Explain How They Relate to Each Other
      • Measurement Evaluation
        • Descriptive: Explain What and How the Result Happened
        • Prescriptive: Make Recommendations


    • Content Plan
      • Content Strategy Frameworks
      • Crafting Key Messages
        • Craft Key Messages
        • Aligning Keys Messages to Conversion Funnel and/or Customer Journey Map
      • Types of Social Content
      • Social Content Strategies
      • Brand Storytelling

    Note: This class has multiple case studies that participants can take inspiration from.


    • Social Media Platform Strategy Framework
      • Assigning the Platforms’ Communications Roles
      • Align Each Platform to the Customer Journey Map
      • Assign Content Formats and Types to Selected Platforms
    • Social Media Platforms Case Studies
      • Facebook
      •  YouTube
      •  Instagram
      •  Twitter
      •  LinkedIn
      • TikTok
    • Community Management
      • Frameworks for Social Media Communities
      • Identify Potential Communities to Start, Grow, and Collaborate With (Across Platforms)
      • Best Practices: Start, Grow, and Manage Your Community
    • Influencer Marketing
      • Types of Influencers
      • Choosing the Right Influencers for Your Brand
      • How to Collaborate With Influencers
    • Social Media Crisis Management
      • Intro to Crisis Management
      • Crisis Communications for Social Media
        • Crisis Management Framework
        • Crafting Key Messages
    • Social Media For Customer Service
      • Customer Service Plan for Social Media
      • Social Media Tools for Customer Service
    • Putting It All Together
      • Develop a Consumer-Focused, Data-Driven, and Strategically-Designed Social Media Marketing Plan
        • Include Campaign and Social Media Metrics in the Plan
        • Final Review Before Presenting
      • Present the Social Media Marketing Plan in Class (Group Homework From Day 1 to Day 2)
      • Subject Matter Expert Evaluation of the Social Media Marketing Plan


    • The whole Social Media Program follows a modular learning approach. (Group homeworks will be given).
    • Each student will fill in a templated guidebook after each class (Day 1 and Day 2).
    • Each section of the workbook is an element of the the social media marketing plan.
    • On Day 3, they must fill in the Metrics section in class.

    Rate Inclusions:

    • 15 total hours of online learning sessions (lectures and collaborative activities)
    • Access to the Student Learning Portal with a library of supplementary content
    • Get a Certificate of Participation at the end of the program after full attendance
    • Get a CDM Certificate for applicable programs after passing a qualifying exam
    • Get to network will other participants and consult with Subject Matter Experts

    Get Immersed Online
    Unlike your regular recorded webinar and online class, CDM online classes are expert-led and live by leveraging on the Zoom platform and our Student Portal that connects our Students with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

    Wherever you are, be involved and connect with SMEs and other learners, ask questions, and interact on class activities. The CDM Support Team will also be there to make sure everyone is engaged, moderate the class, and support you on Q&A, and other challenges.

    Collaborative Learning
    We designed our classes to strike a balance between theory (30%) and practice (70%) by featuring more individual and collaborative activities for a richer learning experience. A good mix of learning tools and apps will be used including Thinkific, Kahoot, Mentimeter, and Google Jamboard, to name a few.

    In the activities, you will be asked to solve real business and marketing cases so you can sharpen your analytics and strategic skills. Work with your learning teams through virtual breakout rooms.

    Never Stop Learning
    Get additional learning content and go through asynchronous (self-paced) case studies and reflection activities in between sessions via our Student Portal to boost your upskilling!

    Get Certified by CDM
    At the end of your online classes, you will receive access to take the Certification Exam. Pass this to earn and get your official digital CDM Certification. If you didn’t apply for Certification, a Certificate of Participation will be sent to you. Showcase your certifications by linking or uploading them in LinkedIn!

    Our programs are conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are industry experts and thought leaders in their respective fields. CDM boasts a 200+ SME network as partners who provide ongoing feedback on our program design.

    Your class will be taught and faciliated by a mix of SMEs coming from this line up.

    Jeano Cruz is the Creative Director and Head of Social at GIGIL. He believes his social career started in 2016 when his Korea puns post went viral on Facebook, despite being very corny.

    Since then, he has aimed to apply his learnings from that experience to his advertising work, eventually helping brands like 7-Eleven, Cobra Energy Drink, Saint Jo Flowers, Orocan, CIMB Bank PH, and more to go viral.

    In one year, Jeano's work with the ideas agency has since collected awards at Spikes, AdFest, CLIO, Boomerangs, Kidlat, Tambuli, and more. Recently, he is one of the core drivers that helped GIGIL bag the Philippines' Independent Agency of the Year & Creative Agency of the Year (Campaign Asia 2020) and Most Effective Independent Agency in Asia (APAC Effies 2020).

    Jeano Cruz

    Jason is the Head of Global Content Strategy, Partnerships, and Business Development for Shell Eco-marathon, the global academic program by Shell focused on energy optimization and one of the world’s leading student engineering competitions.

    Prior to Shell, he was the Business Development Director and Communications Strategist for ADA Asia’s Philippine office. ADA Asia is one of the region’s top agencies in data, analytics, and business insights. He also started his career with one of the country’s largest creative agencies, McCann Worldgroup Philippines. In less than eight years, he moved up from social media manager to become the Head of Digital Strategy and lead for social marketing for Asia-Pacific.

    He has worked on nearly 200 brand campaigns so far and is a key player in some of the most culture-changing work from the marketing industry. Jason is a teacher at heart and is a recognized educator, corporate trainer, and international speaker.

    Outside of the industry, he creates work-life inspiration content on his YouTube channel, Better Today with Jason Cruz.

    Jason is a program chair and lecturer for the Social Media Program at CDM, the Philippines’ leading provider of digital marketing training and transformation solutions.

    Jason Cruz

    An experienced digital marketer specializing in digital UX, website/app UX strategy, performance marketing and campaign management.

    Jasmine Abrenica

    Ira has spent her early career living in the world of advertising. Starting out as a social media manager, she eventually became one of the social media directors in McCann Worldgroup Philippines. In over six years, she’s helped find truth and meaning for the brands she’s handled from different industries such as retail, real estate, QSRs, FinServ, and the like.

    Now, as the Digital Campaign Consultant for AIA Philippines, she hopes to take all the Social Media and Digital lessons she’s learned to push AIA's digital capabilities and help Filipinos live healthier, longer, and better lives.

    Ira Macalindong


    • BATCH 48: Jul 20, 27, Aug 3 (3 Sat)


    • 13:00 – 18:00 Philippine Time (PHT) (UTC +8) /
    • 13:00 – 18:00 Singapore Time (SGT) (UTC +8) /
    • 12:00 – 17:00 Indonesia Time (WIB) (UTC +7) /
    • 12:00 – 17:00 Vietnam Time (ICT) (UTC +7) /
    • 11:30 – 16:30 Myanmar Time (MMT) (UTC +6:30)

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