In this 2-half-day expert-led, live online class, you will learn about what is SEO, how it works, tools, and techniques on how to optimize your website for SEO. In this program, you will learn the content and website strategy including the technical know-how on SEO to ensure content visibility and discoverability on Google search.

Furthermore, the program will also expose you to new developments in the industry like the rise of Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, which is powered by ChatGPT, and Google Analytics 4.

 SCHEDULE: Jun 21 & 28

 DURATION: 13:00-18:00 GMT+8

 FORMAT: 100% Live & Online

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    By the end of the 2-half-day program, the participants will have an operational knowledge of search engine fundamentals, ranking factors, on-page and off-page optimization techniques, and metrics that will allow them to create a comprehensive and systematic SEO action plan.


    • Content writers, UX designers, and the like who want to learn more about SEO.
    • Those doing SEO who want to update their knowledge with new best practices.
    • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to understand SEO’s ROI.

    For those who will enroll in the With CDM Certification option, you can earn a CDM Certificate after finishing the program and passing the qualifying exam. All program attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation.

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    If the industry is changing, we are adapting with it.

    In the spirit of continuous improvement, we at CDM always strive to deliver the best learning experiences to our students that will help them #BeMore, impact their careers, and deliver a positive ROI for their organizations.


    Focus on Strategic Thinking

    We teach concepts, theories, and frameworks as a base for strategic thinking that allows professionals to dynamically adapt strategies rather than relying on cookie-cutter best practices.

    Bite-sized Learning Format

    Students can enjoy shorter learning sessions for CDM certification programs. Our online classes are now more spread out for a lighter CDM experience.

    70-30 Program Structure

    We optimized our curriculum to strike a balance between theory (30%) and practice (70%) and feature more individual and collaborative activities for a richer learning experience.

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    Program details


    • Crawl-Index-Rank: How Search Works
      • Search Engine Loop: Crawl-Index-Rank
        • Introduction to Search
        • Crawling, Indexing and Ranking
        • Latent Dirichlet Allocation
        • Latent Semantic Indexing
      • Crawling
        • Spiders
        • Links
      • Indexing
        • Indexing Frequency
        • Server Responses
        • Meta Robots
        • Canonicals
      • Ranking
        • Ranking Factors
    • Technical Hygiene Factors
      • Understanding Web Architecture
      • URL and Canonicals
      • XML Sitemaps and Robots.txt
      • Website Loading Speed
      • Mobile Optimization


    • On-Page Optimization Techniques
      • Customer Search Intent Analysis
        • Keyword-Purpose Matching
        • Semantic Relevance
        • Long-Tail Framework
      • Keyword Research
      • Creative Best Practices
        • SEO writing: Headlining and the First 100 Words
        • Content Planning (HHH, Content Hub, Cornerstone)
        • Agile Publishing for SEO
        • Boilerplates
      • Tags: Title, Header, Meta Tags, and Meta Descriptions
      • Internal Linking
        • Supporting Content
        • Anchor Texts
      • Managing Non-Text Content Formats
        • Optimizing Images for Search
        • Optimizing Videos for Search
    • Off-Page Optimization Techniques
      • Backlinking
        • Good and Bad Links
        • Value of the Backlink
      • Content Syndication
        • Getting Indirect Backlinks
        • Creating Links From Other Owned Properties
      • Engagement Signals on Social Media
        • Social Media for SEO
    • SEO Measurement
      • SEO Metrics
      • SEO Auditing Tools
        • SEMrush
        • Ahrefs
        • Screaming Frog
        • HubSpot
      • SEO Resources
    • Google Search Console
      • Navigating Google Search Console

    Rate Inclusions

    • 10 total hours of online learning sessions (lectures and collaborative activities)
    • Access to the Student Learning Portal with a library of supplementary content
    • Get a Certificate of Participation at the end of the program after full attendance
    • Get a CDM Certificate for applicable programs after passing a qualifying exam
    • Get to network will other participants and consult with Subject Matter Experts

    Get Certified by CDM
    At the end of your online classes, you will receive access to take the Certification Exam. Pass this to earn and get your official digital CDM Certification. If you didn’t apply for Certification, a Certificate of Participation will be sent to you. Showcase your certifications by linking or uploading them in LinkedIn!

    Get Immersed Online
    Unlike your regular recorded webinar and online class, CDM online classes are expert-led and live by leveraging on the Zoom platform and our Student Portal that connects our Students with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

    Wherever you are, be involved and connect with SMEs and other learners, ask questions, and interact on class activities. The CDM Support Team will also be there to make sure everyone is engaged, moderate the class, and support you on Q&A, and other challenges.

    Collaborative Learning
    We designed our classes to strike a balance between theory (30%) and practice (70%) by featuring more individual and collaborative activities for a richer learning experience. A good mix of learning tools and apps will be used including Thinkific, Kahoot, Mentimeter, and Google Jamboard, to name a few.

    In the activities, you will be asked to solve real business and marketing cases so you can sharpen your analytics and strategic skills. Work with your learning teams through virtual breakout rooms.

    Never Stop Learning
    Get additional learning content and go through asynchronous (self-paced) case studies and reflection activities in between sessions via our Student Portal to boost your upskilling!

    Our programs are conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are industry experts and thought leaders in their respective fields. CDM boasts a 200+ SME network as partners who provide ongoing feedback on our program design.

    Your class will be taught and facilitated by a mix of SMEs coming from this line up.

    Bernard is the General Manager of TrueLogic Online Solutions and is a web professional of 18+ years. During the period, he has launched 4 companies and grown 3 web-based companies to multi-million dollar status.

    He has launched and managed over 300 websites, has run over 11,000 marketing campaigns, and is a strong advocate of creating a culture of leadership. He has a strong background in web design, sales, training, marketing, HR, and operations.

    Bernard is a program chair and lecturer for the SEO Program at CDM, the Philippines’ leading provider of digital marketing training and transformation solutions.

    Bernard San Juan III

    Abe is considered by many as the godfather of Philippine blogging when he became one of the very first professional bloggers in the country over a decade ago. He has single-handedly catapulted YugaTech to become the top technology site in the Philippines with over 3 million impressions every month with another 4 million on YouTube. He now has a team of 12 running the site on a full-time basis.

    Before YugaTech, he was the Country Manager of Nuffnang where he oversaw its Philippine operations and managed over 30,000 bloggers in the community.

    Abe Olandres

    A sales and marketing professional for 18+ years, an instructor for leadership, sales, and digital marketing, and an avid table-top and digital gamer.

    Cris Justin Masungsong


    BATCH 13: Jun 21, 28 (2 Fri)


    • 13:00 – 18:00 Philippine Time (PHT) (UTC +8) /
    • 13:00 – 18:00 Singapore Time (SGT) (UTC +8) /
    • 12:00 – 17:00 Indonesia Time (WIB) (UTC +7) /
    • 12:00 – 17:00 Vietnam Time (ICT) (UTC +7) /
    • 11:30 – 16:30 Myanmar Time (MMT) (UTC +6:30)

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