The Case for TikTok: Should My Brand Be Active in It?


Boasting almost a billion active users everyday, TikTok is a video-sharing platform focusing on fun, engaging, and in-moment content. To put it simply, TikTok is like Instagram, but instead of images, you share short-form videos typically ranging from a few seconds to three minutes.

TikTok, like any other new marketing platform, will have its merit in your brand’s social media marketing pool. But the question is, do I need to prioritize TikTok over Facebook or Instagram? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Business Industry

Some industries are more fit for TikTok than others. For example, businesses in the fast-food and fashion industries are more “at home” in TikTok than businesses in the financial services industry. Think about the marketing funnel and how you drive customers down the funnel in your industry.

  • Brand Personality

Ask yourself, what is my brand personality? Is my brand portraying a professional and rigid or a quirky and friendly character? If you’re more of the latter, you might find TikTok to be a great addition to your social media marketing arsenal.

  • Target Audience

Remind yourself of your target market. If you’re targeting Baby Boomers, you might want to reconsider since the majority of TikTok users are in the Generation Z to Millennial cohorts. TikTok is where young people (and also future spenders) are. But that also begs the argument that if you want to build your brand for the future spenders, you might also want to consider TikTok.

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