Expiring Social Media Content: Why Should I Use It?


From Facebook and Instagram Stories to TikTok, short-form expiring content has been a staple feature among social media platforms for the past few years. But the question is – should my brand dedicate resources for this social media marketing tactic?

In our current fast-paced, always-on environment where we are bombarded with content, a sign of relief is the existence of short-form content pieces that expire after 24 hours like Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories.

Stories are classified under ephemeral content and these provide diversity to your social media marketing plan. It’s the complete opposite of your evergreen blog posts and a bit shorter in lifespan than your average press release. Expiring content is also the only content format that is uniquely mobile native.

Ephemeral Infographic

Expiring content are known to be effective for also inducing the fear of missing out or FOMO since who wants to be at the tail-end of a conversation because you didn’t see the recent Facebook story of your favorite influencer?

In addition to FOMO, ephemeral content also brings authenticity, especially for brands who want to connect with their audience. The nature of expiring content is spontaneous, in-moment, and not pre-fabricated.

No other content format induces FOMO like expiring content in social media platforms. Moreover, no other format brings out your brand’s personality better than ephemeral content. Want to learn how to integrate expiring content into your marketing plan? Enroll in the CDM Online Social Media Program today.

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