Why Your Social Media Strategies Are Not Driving Conversions

Why Your Social Media Strategies Are Not Driving Conversions

You followed the social media marketing strategy step-by-step, but in the end, it did not drive results. The question looms – is it the right strategy in the first place?

In social media marketing, it’s a common pitfall for brands to jump on the next shiny thing that appears. Take TikTok and influencer marketing. When Brand X saw Brand Y doing it, Brand X immediately hops on over the bandwagon and thinks that replicating it will produce the same amount of likes, mentions, media coverage, and such. But at the end of the day, Brand X scratches their head because it did not get them conversions or sales.

When doing social media marketing, it’s important to pin down your social media playbook guidelines and business objectives before determining what tactics and strategies to apply. Not the other way around.

Take a step back before pushing the go-button on a shiny strategy. If you were in the shoes of Brand X, you should ask yourself “is influencer marketing and TikTok in line with our brand personality and tone in the social media playbook?” and “is the investment in these strategies worthwhile to achieve our objectives?”

That’s why in CDM programs, we advocate for a tiered approach when setting objectives – set your business objectives first, followed by your marketing objectives, your specific role of digital next, and lastly, your channel-level objectives.

The CDM Online Social Media Program can help you pinpoint or polish your social media objectives so that it aligns with your business goals. Join an upcoming run and learn how to craft an objective-focused end-to-end social media campaign strategy.

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