If You Are a Business Leader, These Are Questions You May Be Asking Yourself


Almost two decades ago, taxi companies and hotels were unprepared for the coming of ride-sharing systems like Grab or Uber and property-sharing platforms like Airbnb. Business models shifted.

Today, we see something similar, but in the space of jobs. From order-collecting kiosks in fast-food restaurants replacing cashiers to AI-powered chatbots and voice agents replacing people answering the phone, technology has ingrained itself in jobs that humans normally have.

If you think about it, it makes sense for some businesses. Why would I hire someone that can get sick when I can get a machine that can do the job consistently any day of the week?

These are the questions that leaders and senior executives of companies today face. Loaded with external pressures from the business landscape and the mandate to grow the business, leaders are tasked to cross uncharted territories and ask questions never explored and asked before.

Invest in people or technology? Protect our market share or go aggressive? Undergo transformation or defer to next year? Add more jobs or improve the salaries of our current employees?

If you are asking these questions, we invite you to enroll in our banner executive education programme with Hyper Island. In the Executive Leadership Accelerator Programme, we help equip mavericks, trailblazers, and transformation champions like yourself to lead through the unknown.

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